Lrg Forms

Lrg Forms
Welcome to the Forms page.
On this page you will find the Membership Application form, the Lease Expenditure Form and the Visit Site Notification Form. Please read the instructions relating to each of the forms, then click their respective link, which will redirect you to the required form.

Membership Application Form
To apply to become a member of Little Ripper Gold Inc, please use the link below to complete and submit a Membership Application and Indemnity Waiver Form.
By completing a Membership Application and Indemnity Waiver form, you acknowledge that you have read and understood the terms and conditions of the Code of Conduct, Constitution, Indemnity Waiver, Social Media Policy and the Advertising Policy, which can all be found on this website.

Membership Application and Indemnity Waiver Form

Lease Expenditure Form
All members who visit an LRG lease, regardless of whether you find any gold, must complete an Expenditure Form. These are required by the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety (DMIRS) because the leaseholder must submit annual expenditure reports, to be compliant with all aspects of managing a lease.
Click the link below to complete and submit a Lease Expenditure Form.

Note: If you're unsure about how to fill in the form, see the Example Expenditure Form in the Files section of the LRG Facebook page.

Expenditure Form

Visiting Site Notification Form
All members who are visiting an LRG Lease, are required to complete a Visit Site Notification Form. Click on the link below, enter your required details, and submit the form to the committee.
If family members from the same family or several unrelated members are travelling together in the one vehicle, all their details can be entered on 1 form.
However, if several members are travelling in their own vehicles, then each member is required to complete a separate form.

Note: If you need any assistance to complete the form, please ask any questions on the LRG Facebook page.

Visit Site Notification Form