Little Ripper Gold Inc. Facebook Page Advertising Policy 

This policy offers guidance to Little Ripper Gold Inc (LRG) members on the acceptable use of the Facebook page for advertising purposes. 

The LRG committee encourages its members to advertise on the Facebook page, under the following guidelines: 

1. Members can only advertise ‘gold prospecting’ related services. 

Camps, tagalong tours, detector training, etc. 

2. However, no ‘gold prospecting’ services can be conducted on any LRG lease. 

3. Members can only advertise ‘gold prospecting’ related Buy & Sell items. 

All items for sale must include a description, photos (recommended), the location, the price, postage/pick up options and contact details. 

4. Members can only advertise on a Saturday. 

5. Members are limited to 1 advertising post, on a Saturday. 

6. Members must remove old posts before adding a new one. No bumping of old posts. 

7. Members must remove their Buy or Sell post, once the item has been Bought or Sold. 

Failure to comply with these guidelines will see your advertising posts removed by page Admins. 

Continued breaches of these guidelines may see your advertising privileges revoked.