Purpose of The Policy 

Little Ripper Gold Inc (LRG) have created this policy to ensure all members:

  • comply with the State and Commonwealth laws relating to Aboriginal heritage sites
  • understand and be aware of the laws regarding the protection of Aboriginal cultural sites, and 
  • understand the processes and procedures that LRG have put in place for ensuring heritage protection on LRG leases.

The Aboriginal Heritage Act 1972 (AHA)

The AHA is a law in the state of Western Australia governing the protection of Aboriginal cultural sites. The law protects all Aboriginal heritage sites in Western Australia, whether or not they are registered with the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage. The AHA also provides protection for Aboriginal objects.

The places that the AHA applies to, include:

  • any place of importance and significance where persons of Aboriginal descent have, or appear to have left any object, natural or artificial, used for or made or adapted for use for, any purpose connected with the traditional cultural life of the Aboriginal people, past or present
  • any sacred, ritual or ceremonial site, which is of importance and special significance to persons of Aboriginal descent
  • any places that are or were associated with the Aboriginal people and which is of historical, anthropological, archaeological  or ethnographical interest.

When Members Are On LRG Leases

To ensure compliance with the AHA when on LRG leases, any member who comes across any Aboriginal sites that may be places to which the AHA applies, will:

  • not camp on or detect in or around such sites
  • not dig or disturb the ground around such sites
  • not touch or remove any artifacts from such sites, and
  • report any Aboriginal sites found, to the secretary via email, littleripper.sec@gmail.com The report should include coordinates and pictures (if taken) so the Committee can create a register of sites for all LRG leases.

If you have any questions relating to this Aboriginal Heritage Protection Policy, please direct them to the secretary via email, littleripper.sec@gmail.com